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  • So Many servers

    Why administration team is creating so many servers?
    Two or more daily..

    When 1 server is created so many people leaves the old servers to play in the new we have the old ones almost empty..
    This is screwing up the game to old players.

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    in order to claim it to be an MMORPG. so that way we can have lot's of registered players


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      mmo, yes. but wheres the rpg part in this game?


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        no the reason they making new server is for newbies that messed up on their original server, so they can start fresh on a new server knowing what they know now and ofcourse PAY to the top. every new server generate more revenue for them. that's all. no one claimed they are rpg or MMO.
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          There are way to many servers, as one does not fill up any more, this makes recruiting for your alliance almost impossible, which in turn makes finding the alliances weekly fees to pay harder to find, They are damaging this game in order to enter the most servers on one game competition.. But seriously there are way to many servers now for anyone server to be full.. Soon they will have to start merging them, to then find players with more than one character on one server..
          PLEASE STOP with more servers and let the ones you have fill up