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What EU countrys is exempt from VAT frome gamling and games?

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    Member State - VAT Rate
    Austria - 20%
    Belgium - 21%
    Bulgaria - 20%
    Croatia - 25%
    Cyprus - 19%
    Czech Republic - 21%
    Denmark - 25%
    Estonia - 20%
    Finland - 24%
    France - 20%
    Germany - 19%
    Greece - 23%
    Hungary - 27%
    Ireland - 23%
    Italy - 22%
    Latvia - 21%
    Lithuania - 21%
    Luxembourg - 17%
    Malta - 18%
    Netherlands - 21%
    Poland - 23%
    Portugal - 23%
    Romania - 24%
    Slovakia - 20%
    Slovenia - 22%
    Spain - 21%
    Sweden - 25%
    United Kingdom (UK) - 20%

    taken from here


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      Thanks Kanusti for mentioning the list of countries including their VAT percentage. I believe the VAT rate is quite expensive to afford for newbies.


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        All Eu players are officialy paying VAT twice, your paying the vat added which everyone is paying plus the rate for your eu country, R2 are scamming you and you dont even realise it.
        Shadow Vale


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          I have always found the name VAT to be highly amusing. How does a tax add value to anything?


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            Yes!!! I also read one article on this topic but I don't think VAT is exempt in all the countries.
            When we are making huge amount of money through casino then paying VAT is not such a big deal I guess.

            Anyway, lets enjoy gaming and have fun!!!


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              Originally posted by R21233409 View Post
              as r2 tos says we don't own the char or anything in the game why are we paying vat on goods that we don't actually own??? this is complete utter ********
              Unfortunately, this is not right according to law. They have to check respective laws in countries they pay the VAT. In my country I own the character (asset), and R2Games is my service provider.

              So if they stop supporting the game, they should give me the chance to transfer asset to the new provider, which will be funny on first moment, but easier to achieve for 7road.

              Hope that Chinese lawyers (R2Games is Chinese company with U.S. licence) at least studied the laws of individual countries and explain this to the person who thought we are owning zero.

              BTW, there are also laws for gambling restriction, so gambling for unbound balens which are directly achievable only from real money (ie there is no other way to get them, including free balens)? This is gamble and they have to fulfil all legal requirements in he system for lottery committee to check.