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ToK Issue - Might need addressing.

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  • Zorich
    started a topic ToK Issue - Might need addressing.

    ToK Issue - Might need addressing.

    Hey All,

    I ran into an issue in ToK NM yesterday. I run a 550k BR character that was fully buffed. Was soloing ToK NM w/ 2 Dressed w/ Sylph and another Dressed w/o Sylph. The non-dressed player was a Mage.

    The pets were Dark and Elec, and my resists are 90% each, so I essentially was taking no damage the whole time. The hardest hits were doing 4500 damage. The problem I ran into was that I got to a point where I couldn't out-damage the single mage's healing and was stuck on a single level for 1 1/2 hours. Yes, that's right, One. And. A. Half. Hours.

    ToK needs a timer w/ Damage booster built in like everything else has pretty much. Even if it's a delayed one that only goes 50% every 120s or maybe a lesser one that's 25% every 60s. That lone mage in there, because he had no pet mode, was doing nothing but Puri, Sunto, Resto, BL and the occasional AoE. I started to take notice and found he was healing the group for about 2 Million HP about every 90s or so.

    So please, add a damage multiplier into ToK. Yeah, it might make it a little harder vs. non-mage groups, but at least people won't get stuck in a scenario that could take hours to get out of.

    Oh, and if you're wondering how it ended, I won because my Gaia Chaos'd the mage for consecutive BL, Sunto and Resto attempts, giving me the chance to get one of them down. About 40 min in I had actually walked away thinking I'd come back in 10 min and be dead, and I was still going. The damage was THAT little and my regen astral was working that well.

  • Wraithraiser
    Eventually they'll add that ToK shadows enrage to 1000% after 25 or so turns, so enjoy your hour long fights while they last.

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