Something I've noticed about Battlegrounds is that they are seriously imbalanced and have a huge problem with afkers. I had a couple ideas to remedy this:


1) divide the BGs up more:


the 30, 35, ect. level beginnings are to divide up the cata and BG items at the bottom (rather than the top) to prevent people that are max geared from hanging around and farming.

2) Make it so that Dryad's Blessing fades at the same rate it is gained (ie. 1 at a time). Once a weak player gets almost up to the point that they can compete, some low level guy usually attacks and wipes out the blessing (losing 10 times just to win 1 is a bit unbalanced).

either of these two can do a lot to help balance things out.

The AFK problem

remove the win/lose bonus and then do it this way:

Each crystal load is worth 1. Each win is worth 2. Each loss is worth 1. These insignias are recorded.

The winning team gets bonus tokens based on how much they earned through participation.