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Monster Units and Lower Level Units

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  • Monster Units and Lower Level Units

    It would be nice if we had a seperate building that housed and trained "Monster Units" such as the Daradon, Huntera, and Skeleton Warriors to add a bit more variety to what you can have in your group (I know there are cards, but the card creatures are so much weaker than normal since you can't get them at your level)

    Alternately, the building could sell the "Monster Cards" at different levels (especially odd levels, since 5 levels is a long time to wait for an upgrade).

    Have it also so that you could combine monsters of the same type and different level (say Daradon 15 and Daradon 25) so that they all increase to the higher level.

    Now, with the lower level units, they become obsolete after a certain number of levels (levelling them after that is somewhat pointless)... so create a tiered levelling system that gives them bonus stats and enhanced special abilities.

    This way lancers and archers can compete with paladins and priests... and all 4 can then compete with Gryphons. And, at higher levels, all 5 can compete with Angels and Knights (make it so that all 7 have different specialties... not the kind you buy with Daru at level 40, but niches that they fill in combat)

    Lancers: Light Infantry (can't take a hit as well but gets large boosts to attack power every 10 levels)
    Archers: Physical ranged (gets large bonuses to crit every 10 levels)
    Paladin: Medium Infantry (attack and defense go up equally every 10 levels)
    Priest: Magical Ranged (gets large bonuses to Matk every 10 levels)
    Gryphons: All Round (Atk, Def, and Hp all go up, but in smaller ammounts than more specialized groups)
    Knights: Heavy Infantry (Highest Def and Hp.)
    Angels: Support (dunno)

    Note: All stats would get a big boost. For example, an archer that hits level 20 would increase her atk bonus from 20/level to 40 per level and get a retroactive 400 point boost to her attack (for the first 20 levels she missed). She would still have a smaller attack rating than a paladin of similar level, but not by much). This would continue at appropriate bonus rates every 10 levels.

    but the idea is to make it so that any unit can be used at any level (without giving oneself a huge handicap).