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Why R2 always add new server on europe instead asia server?

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  • Why R2 always add new server on europe instead asia server?

    I wonder what issues that make R2 can't make asia server easily than europe or america server?

    i think something about regulation, or maybe someone in asia have right to make asia server than R2.

    R2 should have to find a solution to this problem.

    Because someone can buy the game's right and publish in asia.

    I Like R2 is international

    and you know that asia player is more dedicate,loyal,and....the asia population is high too.

    You see asia player is mount of money right hehehe

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    There is already a server which will benifit asian players. All GMT+8 servers will be in your timezone. Please play on one of them.


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      Play the Oceanic servers. They're in Asia time and will be at, or close, to your time zone.

      They won't call them "asian" servers because they don't want to compete with the chinese wartune, but a rose by any other name is still a rose, and an oceanic gmt + 8 server is still an asian server.
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        Seriously, is Asia server any help? Look at any gmt +8 server out there, basically if you can play Wartune you either: don't have a job, play game at work, or still in school.

        It's worse than us or Europe server really if you have to work during business hours.