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Kongregate Server 9 server busy error for over 2 weeks

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  • Kongregate Server 9 server busy error for over 2 weeks

    Kongregate server 9 has been having massive issues with "server busy" errors for over 2 weeks. I don't play on that server, but see in the kong chat sidebar the raging every time the issue starts up yet again. This issue has been happening several times a day, every day, for over 2 weeks. As kongregate tends to get ignored by R2 and our issues often do not get fixed nearly as quickly (scary, eh? As much as R2 servers complain, kong has it worse when it comes to fixes for bugs that affect only our servers), I'm posting the complaint here where an R2 mod might actually see it and pass the info along to someone able to do something about it.

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    Not only s9

    Both euro servers suffer from it - s9 far worse, but s3 is just the same


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      In addition there are frequent freeze ups where nothing happens for 1-5min and at times sudden crashes / reloads, which again puts us in the login 'lottery'....
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        I have asked that this be looked into. I will need you guys to file tickets for me though, include in them the nature of the issues you;re facing, rough times you've suffered the issues, and your IP/location.

        Then please either post the ticket numbers here, or PM me with the ticket number so I can pass them on.
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          Kongregate problem - Can t log in S9 Europe

          Writing here because MAYBE, just maybe someone will actually give a cupcake and will read the thread.

          Server 9, Europe has major problems for a 1-2 weeks and we nothing has been done. WE CAN T CONNECT ON THE SERVER - so you can see it (picture attached). Won t even start about the random dc s for 20 players at once or about how the game is just stops/freezes at some point and s.o.

          The problem is only on this server, the other servers are working (as perfect as it can be with r2).

          Will post a link to kong forum if needed because we have an open thread there as well but nobody to read it or answer.

          Before you start with the classic: "refresh, clear cookies, cache etc" we already did that.

          And some robots from ticketing support just said that the problem is from us because is actually logical to think that players from all over Europe, with different PC's, different networks, using different browers are facing the SAME problem but it s still our fault...
          Click image for larger version

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          And thank you for theard merge, didn t see this one
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            In case someone forgot, we still got problems with the server... Any answers ?


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              just saying but wouldnt it be considered fraud to make people pay for something they cant use ? like balens for example...


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                We filled sooo many tickets but still nothing happend...

                oh one thing happend. It gets worse from day to day -.-

                greets Bollo