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R2 and the story of Icarus.

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  • R2 and the story of Icarus.

    There once was a boy who wanted to fly to the sun so he built himself wings made out of wax alongside his father. However, little did this ignorant boy know that the sun would soon melt off his makeshift wings thus causing him to plummet to a very bloody and sudden death.

    Years and years later, a reincarnation of Icarus appeared in the form of a video game. At first, the games wings flapped shoddily but before long they soared like a bald eagle gliding majestically across the earth. But majestic was not enough for this bald eagle, he became jealous of the Albatross and wanted to steal these wings, ridden with jealous greed, he cut the wings off and seared them onto his own. Thus soaring high and mighty above all other birds.

    However, shortly after rage and anger took over the spirit of the Albatross brothers and sisters and they joined together to kill and utterly destroy the thieving greed of the bald eagle. Smashing his beak into dust, tearing his majestic wings off piece by piece, until shortly after there was nothing left of him except for a pile of bones.

    I hope one day R2 can stop being like the greedy bald eagle so as to avoid becoming Icarus.