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About Mages and Electro Resistance

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    I have over 1k light res people with Apollo and 50k over me cant touch me


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      Originally posted by girgle180 View Post
      in that case we can apply my theory?? anyone with Herc is untouchable and every mage no mather how strong he is, can suck balls to those players right?? coz on your comment i can only understand that mages have all their atacks electro based... LIGHTNING , THUNDERER , RAIN OF FIRE , METEORIC DESTROYER ....etc...etc...

      my WILL crystals are around 400 + my MATK was in that moment 100 000+ against his 30K+ MDEF ....... that mean he need atleast 2500 ress crystal on electro... and that only APPLY if mages atacks are electro based.

      no other solutions.
      Again, how do you get that idea?!


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        Originally posted by girgle180 View Post
        Please read text fully before u comment... your ress have nothing with your atack.. its defensive crystal not ATACK.

        and my MATK was 100K+ while that guy MDEF was 30K+ ...... now u tell me is it posible to deal 2K damage to that guy??
        All things being equal except resistance, a 70k difference in atk vs. def would mean a base damage of 35k. In theory, the max res reduction is 90%, so that would take your base damage to 3.5k. So it does seem pretty unlikely.

        But I know a handful of people will strip BR before going into battleground, so you'll have to get an account on that player's server to confirm true BR. Cross-server stat displays are not all that reliable. Someone with only 30k mdef shouldn't be able to get really high resistance, there's no way they could beat an advanced dimension, let alone expert. Plus any player with good astrals, res crystals, medal, etc. would almost certainly have higher BR, it's just way too difficult to get ahead if you're that weak.

        So it could be a hack/glitch, but I'd find it a lot easier to believe you're just working from bad info. This whole thread might be predicated on that same flawed assumption.


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          In your case, it looks like your hero has much higher ATK than your sylph, that's why having a weaker sylph doesn't make your attacks much weaker, and the RES adjustment yields a better result.

          Originally posted by Caballero1321 View Post
          A friend of mine has 5 Int. Electro Dimensions + lvl. 6-7 Electro RES Crystals. It's no use trying to kill her with Hercules.
          With +50% dmg bonus, I deal her 40k with Hercules' Delph and 70-80k with 6k BR white Pan's Delph.


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            Strip before entering FT then when players attack u they be shocked

            In-game Name: ♥Rainbow♥

            Guild Name: Legends

            Class : Archer


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              I think this thread is conected with new one... about Mages.

              and i see what u want to say.