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    considering the 5 minute cooldown time, there really should be no problem with anyone finishing all 10 fights between all the other time-consuming **** they have us doing daily. The real grind, and utter waste of time and effort, is the individual Duels. the gold/daru difference is only a few 100 pieces between ranks , and with a 10 minute CD it's the real loser. I don't even do it when there is a Hot Event.

    They really need to go through much of the old parts of the game and revamp the prizes to reflect their new direction.
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      Originally posted by Tranc3motion View Post
      Sylph arena's current scoring is terrible. They should change the name to "who is willing to stay up til 00:01 server time to attack first."

      This system is FINE. Every single event in this game is based on TIME. WB, GB, BG, arena, CW(sylph $$$ wars), etc........ Why should this one event be different? ALso, its a week long event. 1 day isnt going to make/break you most likely... IF you are doing it right


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        I notice that when I do sylph arena in the evening, I never get enough points for diamond group. If I do it earlier in the day or around 1:30am my time (it never restores attempts right at midnight server time, always 20-30 min after), I get diamond group easily. The difference in rewards isn't that huge, but it adds up over time.

        I've tried taking off my strong sylph when done with my daily attempts, but it seems to give me bad luck. Its supposed to let weaker teams get ahead so I have someone to trounce, but I instead end up surrounded by very high BR sylph teams and have no way to get a win, not even refresh will give me a team I can beat.

        It would be nice if they'd update some of the rewards to give us stuff we actually need. Of course, I'm speaking as an advanced class 80 who is maxed on a lot of stuff. It's been a long time since I was a new player, so not sure if those rewards are still relevant for them or not.


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          removing the sylph help the high BR people too. they need people in front of them to win points too.
          the last day, i can understand they don't want to remove it to be sure to have a better ranking

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