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    I am a Guild Master on S565 and have been playing this game 5 years now and seen alot of changes, some better some not. i have a few ideas that might help this game do alot better. these include .....

    1) An Add to Vault icon in inventory pane.

    2) A message board for guilds with enough room to post at least a full page worth of stuff to help inform members of certain events/ideas and other things.

    3) Put Crypt Tokens and Mystery Stones in inventory profile tab like insignias and include Wilds Shop and Crypt Shop there as well.

    4) Enable Hide All Players feature for World Boss to help reduce the lag in there.

    5) PLEASE fix the "your Tree of Ancients is ready to be Harvested" pop up every time one logs in when it's not ready to be harvested.