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[Guide] Mage Class Tweaking Guide

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  • [Guide] Mage Class Tweaking Guide

    On my opinion Mages are the most flexible character in this game, depends on the fighting style of the gamer. For starters, I advise you to be patient with your mages since mages have the lowest hp in this game.

    I made this little tip guide as the title says, just for tweaking up a little here and there since there are already a number good guides for mages in the forums.

    The Mage Starting stats:

    5 Intellect
    1 Armor
    5 Endurance
    100 Charisma


    1.) Enchant your gears to the fullest

    2.) During early game (Level 1-30) slot up tons of HP gems / MATK gems on your gear

    3.) Gain access to the crypt shop and get your hands on the purple jewelry and trinket sets

    4.) Refine your gear

    Make sure you refine them well with these stats:

    Crit (Early Game only, change this stat that suits your taste on late game or until you get the yellow disable crit but increase % damage astral and level it up to at least level 4 above, substitute the Defense stat here)

    5.) Fix your Academy (arranged according to importance)

    a.) Gold Production
    b.) Hero Matack and Hp
    c.) Hero Pdef (you wanna get owned by Patk crits early levels? better buff it up a bit)
    d.) Hero Mdef
    e.) Troop Count
    f.) Buff up the other stuff in the academy (optional early game)

    6.) Skill Tower

    It is very important to know that guild skills are the first thing you need to gain access to before fixing up your astrals, this is because of the time, luck and gold spent in order to get an extremely rare astral.

    The first thing to do in the skill tower:

    Gold Boost – Provides Gold output increase
    This skill starts at 1% and increases +1% per level
    Put this up first, since you will need all the gold you can harvest in game in order to have good results even if it be 1%. You won’t have much problem in putting up this skill since the contribution points needed to increase this skill is cup cake.

    Intellect Boost – Provides increase for MATK and MDEF
    This skill starts at Intelligence +40 and increases +40 per level
    Intelligence +1 = MATK +4 and MDEF + 1
    At level 1 this gives you 160 MATK and 40 MDEF
    After increasing Gold Boost at max, get this skill up to max as well. This will greatly increase your damage and heals.


    Defense Boost – Provides increase for MDEF and PDEF
    This skill starts at Armor +40 and increases +40 per level
    Armor +1 = MDEF +4 and MDEF + 4
    At level 1 this gives you 160 MDEF and 160 PDEF

    Stamina Boost – Provides increase for HP
    This skill starts at Endurance +40 and increases +40 per level
    Endurance +1 = HP +20
    + 800 HP on level 1

    There should be a good balance of Defense and HP if you are a mage, I suggest you buff up the Defense boost first and equip your mage with HP gems on your equips, then when you feel the need for HP, get the stamina boost.


    Power Boost – Now don’t say mages don’t need this skill, infact this skill is a good tweak later on, due to the fact that it adds extra PDEF to you character. Remember how the archers blitz you with crits early game? Then we tend to say, archers are OP? Well, honestly archers are not OP and this game is pretty balanced, it’s just the way how you play it. This skill will make you good enough to handle such damages late game.
    This skill starts at Strength +40 and increases +40 per level
    Strength +1 = PATK +4 and PDEF + 1
    At level 1 this gives you 160 PATK and 40 PDEF

    Charisma Boost - More troops

    If you’re an arena PVP player, the power boost is the best way to go.
    For the dungeon solo duel / quest / world boss type of player, consider adding a little charisma.

    7.) Astrals

    Main astrals for mages (start with the blue ones, sell the green ones)

    Matk - a permanent astral for mage
    Crit Astral (Early game) – (For late game) Disable Crit Strike but regular damage is increased by % (upon getting a purple or yellow astral for this)
    % Chance of doging damage
    reduce all damage by %

    Floating damage adjustment astral is good during World Boss fights.
    Id rather select other classes - (=.=)
    Just for fun - (U_U)
    Good - (O_O)
    Excellent - (<_<)
    Best character in game - (^_^) there OP
    Last edited by -=Light=-; 10-31-2012, 05:14 AM.
    IGN : LightStratos
    Class : Mage
    Guild : UNITED
    Wartunes Server : [S40] The Badlands

    God Bless to all