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Guild Battle question

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  • Guild Battle question

    This question may have been answered previously but i've not located the answer, the question is :-

    When fighting guild battles I was under the impression that when your killed and back in the spawn area that you could not get attacked until you left the spawn area,
    I recently had members of the other guild sat in our spawn area and killed us as soon as we revived, therefore at no time could we leave our spawn area,
    I was under the impression while your in spawn the other guild could not attack until you left, the same as BG's etc. can someone say wether i'm right or wrong ?

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    Nope, for whatever reason, the enemy can enter the spawn area and attack. It's a total **** move, so almost no one does it, but it's possible. It also doesn't gain the attacking team anything by doing it, so they really should outlaw it.


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      Thanks, I guessed that was the case, it's just annoying, being a small guild we usually get zero Guild Battle points but it would be nice to at least leave the spawn area after dying and show our face!!