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  • guild battle

    every guild in one server should be participate in guild battle beacause highest guild battle player participate in guild battle and get stronger beacause of honor and insignia and low battle rating guild player cannot participate therefore they cant be stronger and stronger player cannot help low lvl guild despite of our guild. you can finite the guild in every server for example every server should be 16 guilds and other 3 day are free the other 8 guild can participate in the guild battle so that they can enjoy the game and get stronger. please consider this option. thanks

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    We hardly manage to get more than 3 or 4 guilds to actually "do the GB". Most of the time, those guilds under the top 4 don't even show up at GB anyway (Or only 2 or 3 members show up). I can't really see why we would want to see 16 guild instead of 8 doing the GB... Also, what do you do with the guild at rank 17th? They can't get GB? There always some who will stay behind...
    Lunay - Knighted knight
    23.25M BR
    Guild : SHIELD
    West coast server r2 S38