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  • Stamina Unlimited

    For What I Will Buy A Potion of Stamina If I have A Limit of 300 per Day?

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    To use it another day ? And then another and another and another day.


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      The stamina potion use is limited, but if you can get a good deal, I'd snatch it up and put it away for later use.. or for those days when a quest comes up and you want to blitz out without having to suffer the drudgery of doing it the long way. Mini-Del hit the nail on the head with this one
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        There's soooo much that goes into this, lol.
        I think the main reason is: it's an attempt to prevent "No-lifing" on these games. With limitations, people feel forced to go do something else. This is also very good for those casual players as they don't have to worry about lack of "grinding time" when they're at work or doing things with their families.