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    sc not hard to get do your wilds all ways check the wilds shop if you can do at least 2 ab a day then every 2 days you can get 1k sc


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      I assume you did a few levels of TOK Hard or NM every day, in which case nothing is hard for you so SC should be too easy to get.


      You have only a few runes, which means you still need to waste hundreds if not thousands of runestones to exchange for new runes, which will then cost you tens of thousands of runestones to max them all.

      PS. I have all runes except Mire on all toons for free. Bought Mire rune on one toon but now it has no use. Strongest toon did 2-3 levels of TOK NM every day for 6 months. Still not half maxed yet.

      Originally posted by xPlutox View Post
      oh please runestones are easy to get i have maxed out most of my runes so...


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        I try to burn as many SC on Marriage tree as I can. I sold them all off once for gold in an exchange event. Open my back pack down the track 5k sc.. Where are all these little mothers coming from, I'm trying to get rid of them


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          circuit quest . get 40 every 10 quests completed bar 50,100,150,200. can do it in a day easy
          Shadow Vale


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            There are no people who haven't maxed out soul engraving (or haven't got enough to do it) that have maxed out their runes.



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              who the hell said they maxed out their runes please do learn how to read