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40 set to 50 with glint stones

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  • 40 set to 50 with glint stones

    It says trade lvl 40 bender set + 5 glints stones for the 50s and exchange. Apparently U cannot trade if the set is already legend for non legend. Needs to be more specific if this is the case. So this is saying i need to craft 2 40 sets where the one i am wearing is legend and the non legend one is tradeable. That is a total waste. Or am i bugged, because people on my server s566 says they have traded their legend 40 set for the non legend sets, and the exchange button is not lit up for me.

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    remove the gear and all gems out of it from your character, it must be in your inventory to exchange, i had a similar problem with the pvp for lvl 40 gear a couple months ago