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    Making 1 star purple sylphs is nothing for old players. I have 4 purple and my main herc is almost 4 star purple. Also wartune is full of bugged events if somehow your memory got wiped clean and you forgot about the hall of fame events (not only bugged but R2 staff assured us that for last HoF, increasing BR by pots,scrolls,WC would not work like previous time and yet it did again)
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      I'm gonna call bull and wonder where this guy was during the several stable events you could reclaim that were "once per character"...

      Tryin to be funny with the FTP thing...this is not the first or second "have ____ purple sylph" events that we've had...just for the record...its been done like 2-3 times before...

      At least save some face and stay either annoyed and complaining, or change your much do you want to bet next event is have 3

      gold sylphs or something on those lines. That one sylph wont do you that much good. and just in case: 4 purple sylphs. 1 4 star purple (and that big one is only in the past 1-2 months because of dimensions)


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        Originally posted by pappy66 View Post
        Once again you cupcaked ppl in the *** that decided to just up the 1 slyph

        says once per character Cupcakes!

        just a fyi ppl that redeemed last time could again this time
        thats there problem man. only focusing on one sylph??? that is lame u know. coz one sylph is not for all. herc is only good at WB and Spire. i have seen people who have 3 star purple herc but beat them in CW. my herc is 1 star purple same goes with medusa and hades. so basically there is no point of complaining COZ its PLAYER'S fault not R2