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Merger Server is the solution

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  • Merger Server is the solution

    It is kind of funny hahahaha.

    I have played MYthic Saga. And i get same situation on Wartune.

    Many Servers,Many newbie,and many want to get top of the game.

    Is it Mythic Saga, Crsytal Saga,and Wartune are same creator???

    If so, why R2 dont do like mythic saga

    "merger server" XD

    so server 1 is combined with server 2 and so on. Player in server 1 do not feel alone again hahaha

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    Will I know server S1 and S2 will not be merged if they do merges in the future because you can't take 2 servers from different time zones and merge them together (S1 and S2) if they did what time zone would it be for the events and people pick servers because of the time zone so they can do events it just doesn't work out, now merging servers in the same time zone no idea if R2 will be merging them many people don't think so because of how you can only have 1 character per server on one account and some have 2 or 3 characters on one account but on different servers and if those servers were to merge which character will they play but thats an easy fix.


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      Crystal Saga was not created by R2 - it's merely a licensed copy to host it and cater to North America (players).

      The same goes for Wartune. R2 is only allowed the rights to host it.

      Mythic Saga is a completely different company just as well as the rest are.
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