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Synthesizing a temporary (7 Days) mount

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  • Synthesizing a temporary (7 Days) mount

    How about giving a player a chance of getting a permanent mount, for instance synthesizing a mechanical steed card, a player can get a 10% chance of getting a permanent and 90% of getting a 7 days card. Just saying

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    Ideally, the chances should be lower if this happened. However, too, there's nothing else whatsoever to use Shadow Souls on, so the mechanical steed is fine the way it is. The BI mount should be permanent to begin with, and the Jewel Hunt mount should be the one that has the chance to be permanent. That just makes sense to me.
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      You can recycle the Mechanical Steed for mount spirits to make Ice Fang or Nightstalker mounts, likely the same for the other temporary mounts.

      I'm waiting for this supposed second mount to be released for BI, but no answer is currently available.
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        I'd be fine with if there was even just a 1% chance of a temp mount being made permanent. I hate temp mounts, especially since we can't Mount Hoof upgrade them.