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witches little helper quest

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  • witches little helper quest

    So two questions about this quest.

    1.) How exactly do you complete this in one day due to not getting all 20 brooms from the events? arena only gives you 10 brooms and multis only give you 5.

    2.) why do they allow you to use the brooms in the inventory if they are just going to disapear? so basically i am a lost of this bc I didn't know we are not suppose to click use? please explain how you do this quest. Thank you.

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    1) 5 brooms are needed to complete the pumpkin quest for 3x pumpkin seeds (plant them takes 12hrs)

    95 balen trick or treat bags have a chance to give you 5x brooms for each bag item opened amongst other items so that is the only paying way to get 20 brooms in one day

    so you skip a day or 2-3 out of 6 days to complete the witches little helper quest

    2) i would like to know that myself. maybe they had a alterntaive use, maybe not
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      in other words to successfully get the quest, you will have to buy the trick or treat bags =( i'm thinking since it's random maybe 5-10 bags a day to successfully complete it!


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        but why do they allow you to use the brooms? If they just disapear. It is stupid. Wasted 10 brooms due to clicking on them thinking we had to do that to complete the quest.


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          This whole BROOM idea has turned out ridiculous! Clicked on the the special which was supposed to provide replacement brooms. The icon showed 20 brooms going to inventory but when opened inventory they were no where to be found. Have done three quests where (5) brooms were provided with the rewards. The icon clearly went into inventory but when open inventory, NOTHING there????
          What are we supposed to do with them, anyway???


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            yeah i saw that you get onlt 15 brooms and i thought wait a seconds are the r2games guys retards ? cant they make a simple calculations
            lol i see now that there are 2 teams who does money quests/event
            bigpoint and r2games -.-
            i came here because i was disgusted by bigpoint scamming money and what i see here?


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              not a con as such just optional if you wanna spend your balens on the Trick or Treat bags.

              6 days x15 brooms, -5 brooms for 3x pumpkin seeds each day, 10 brooms left each day

              so every 2 days for free you can claim & complete the witches little helper quest but if you use your balens then you could complete the quest on all 6 days but thats up to you


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                I don't think you complete the 20 broom quest in one day. I think its meant to be completed every two days and when I clicked the reward I received 20 brooms so I'm not sure what is going on with the issues some of you have. I would send a support ticket with any pertinent information. For future reference don't use the brooms in your inventory. R2 will not replace the brooms you have used.

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