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    i play game for fun. i love killing, its give me the fun i needed. so i kill in BG. guildmates or not, weak or strong, it doesnt matter.
    so u want me to ignore guild mates n kill the other? thats what u call FAIR?
    u work for ur team not ur guild,. oh cmon lil brain
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      hahaha XrosSlash nuff said..... if you want to make friends go play farmville, this is wartune...whats the point of buying balens and making yourself stronger if you dont wanna fight..if your weak, then make that inspiration to make yourself stronger....dont cry about getting killed by a guildmates.
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        Yes, it's WARtune...the point is to fight. I like attacking higher levels to see where I stand, just because you're higher level doesn't mean you beat me. The fun is seeing just how far you can push your toon which is why I'd fight those higher level guildies. Hunting and fighting those you KNOW you can beat..well, where's the fun in that? You can think what you want about me but it's called a battleground...not an honor farm.

        I do avoid some guildies now just to keep the peace since I enjoy the guild though...


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          BloodLands Server (Assistant Guild Leader of #1 Guild)

          I literally attack any red name I see in BG.
          Many times I have attacked my guild leader who owns me everytime, or the strongest character on the server who kicks my butt with equal efficiency. There have been many arguments over it within the guild but I stand by "BG is Team vs Team - Guild Means nothing to me in that arena!"

          On RARE occasions I will leave guildies alone - but its usually only the ones i would kill really easily as i think its better for them to earn the battleground chests and hopefully get some gems out of it.

          Their are that many people in my guild, it's kind of hard to find anyone else to attack anyways so I show no mercy in most cases. ^_^


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            should we cripple our own progress for the sake of a lower level guildmate he is going to die in the BG anyways as far as i am concerned anything goes in the BG the other team is the enemy and you fight them plain and simple
            Originally posted by Harmbringer View Post
            Wow you guys sound like awesome guild members. Maybe if they add higher lvl battlegrounds this would be ok. How do you think spanking a guild mate who could be 20 lvls lower than you is a good idea. Well it just shows your completely selfish. You want to stunt the progress of your guildies? Make them hate you and doing bg?
            Remember bg is not a just about end result. If your guildies cant collect treasure they are suffering. Also in my experience bg wins balance out over time. All you are doing is making people hate you for f all end result.
            Why be in your guild if you view them as a soft target to better your own game. I would leave a guild with some of you guys in it... or kick you in a heart beat.
            If you cant rely on guild members to assist you in your game then why be in the guild. I bet your also the sort of people who abandon guild mates in pvp arena to set up with strongest players from other guilds. Shame on you

            Stop pretending. Help your guildies gain advantage over non guildies or keep massaging your OVERSIZED EGO. It's your choice....


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              hahaha, wow, touchy subject indeed, well, in my case, i don't attack very close friends, never, but if its other guild mates im not too personal with, i just say sorry in guild chat, and tell them thanks for the honor, that i'll make it upto them, or maybe that i had to attack them cuz there was no available target around, or maybe that i'll kill one of their killers to avenge their death, etc etc :-D they usually just groan, tease me and move on, if i show genuinely that im sorry :-) i have good considerate guild mates :-)
              and if its just any random player, i usually sorry after attacking them 3 times, cuz when i was low, i used to hate it if the same person kept attacking me over and over, so i feel they must feel same way