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  • Guild Battle

    Now that GB is done and we fought our Monday opponent on Wednesday, when will the battle that is routinely scheduled for Wednesday to take place?

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    I'd put money on Friday, and the normal Friday pushed to Saturday.
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      Any answer to this?
      Are we running Wednesday tonite on Thursday?
      Are we running Friday's battle on Saturday?


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        So, in the end, no answer was the ultimate answer. So because of a technical blunder by the developers, a forced emergency maintenance cancels Monday's Guild Battle and we fight that battle on Wednesday and the regular Wednesday opponent was fought tonite, Friday. Then the weekly awards are sent out without the third fight. This non-action cost my guild 3rd place and the awards that go with it. I know it is just a few whips difference but to some of our lower level players, that is a good amount of whips. But, moreover, it is simply the principle of the thing whereby you cupcake something up, you need to fix that cupcake and frost it better.

        Shame on the developers for not following through.


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          Since the marathon ninja maintenance barely fixed anything, I simply dont get why they had to do that one hour before GB.


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            they did it to "fix" the winners
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