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Next major sylph opportunity?

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  • Next major sylph opportunity?

    I missed out on the sylph event where you needed 300x Sepuclrum to get one of the newer sylphs. I scored 100 from Glass Slipper, and worked up to 292 earlier in the realize I would have to collect 240 essences to get to 300. I managed to hit the number right as the event was closing and couldn't get it to convert in time. So I'm stuck with 300 Sepu. Do I bankroll it in the vault and wait for the next event involving those newer sylphs, or do I pump the 4 sylphs I have? I kinda feel left out as most players appear to have at least one new sylph, and I don't know when the next event will occur.

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    no ones knows when the next event like this will happen. I suggest keeping 300 and the if you go over that number use that but just keep yourself to 300 if comes around get a new sylph. If it has not returned in a couple of months then use them all and just hope you got enough if it does return.

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      no harm keeping them.
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        I'd suggest 900 of one or the other to score an evolved Hades or Apollo.
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          too much lagging please fix it....!!! Hard to play LoL.


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            Originally posted by Afresha444 View Post
            too much lagging please fix it....!!! Hard to play LoL.
            Learn to complain on a thread about lag.....not about sylphs......
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              I'd keep em. Am sure next event will come sooner than you think


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                Keep, the one who waits gets 300 Sepuclrum not going to give you major advantage.
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