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Beating skytrails lv1 5th boss

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  • Beating skytrails lv1 5th boss

    Hi, i'm a lv62 92k br (with my top sylph - amazon) mage. how i do i beat this boss or can i? thx

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    I am sure there are plenty of videos about sky trail clears if you google it.
    It might also be a matter of BR, I don't remember how much people had when they first cleared that boss,but I think that sylph BR wasn't taken into consideration,so 90k back then would be more than 90k now.
    Check out some vids and see if you are doing something wrong.
    Take care.


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      I found it easier once I was passed level 65 to defeat the boss because you open up the 3rd battle protection shield so you can carry more Dark Resistance. If you got a basic Dark complete that and maybe the resistance from that will help you pass.

      passed that boss before Sylph br was taken into account. I was around 100k br at the time so I am not sure what you would need but I also play as a Knight.

      I do remember I used eve and put myself up front to take advantage of unstable voltage. The other thing I did was use a run to build rage and sylph awakening and then tried killing it on the next run. I also use purge rune to remove damage being reflected back. It was not ready the next time he used that skill but it helped me survive and my troops a bit longer. It took me sometime but I did beat him eventually.

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        Originally posted by playherenvale View Post
        Hi, i'm a lv62 92k br (with my top sylph - amazon) mage. how i do i beat this boss or can i? thx
        I had 120k + a 12k hades.So that would mean you need 132k, a hades and some luck
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          I pass the dark boss with 100k br i have Eve (electro sylph) purple 1 star, hardly but i pass it. go 1 round normal atks, then second start with delphic + sylph, and hope for crits every round , that if ur a crit mage, if ur not crit mage, u have to wait a litle time somewhere at 110k-120k br u beat it.
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            Well I'm an archer but here were my stats back then when I potted to beat it

            Click image for larger version

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            Used a lvl 5 and 4 dark resist crystal and used my 8k br 1 star blue Amazon Queen. Got help from others on the forum that timing was everything for its deflect and that helped me out a lot. Now I'm stuck on 2-10 but how well, I'm far ahead of some of the guys 30-40k br above me :P
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