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  • Makeitrain
    started a topic Hi everybody

    Hi everybody

    These were my stats when I cleared level 70 in the catacombs.
    Battle Rating 15759
    Physical Defense: 3091
    Magic Attack: 4211
    Magic Defense: 4034
    Critical: 288
    Block: 161
    HP: (not sure on) ~ 14500
    Troop Count: 1054
    I had a level 3 intelligence potion on, a level 3 defense potion on, a level 3 charisma potion on, and a level 3 endurance potion on. I had level 2 Healing runes, level 1 rage runes, and lvl 4 group regen runes. The Astros I was at the time of the boss fight were: Echanced Mysticality lvl. 4, Refined Fortitude Lvl. 4, Refined Brilliance Lvl. 3, and Pristine Charm Lvl. 2. The spells I was using during the fight: Lighting Bolt lvl. 3, Suntoria Lvl. 3, Purification Lvl. 2, Restoration Lvl. 3, and Blessed Light Lvl. 1. I have my angels in the front line. I have my commander in the back line.
    So when I first enter the battle I cast Suntoria. Next I cast Lighting Bolt two times. After that I cast Restoration. Then I click the afk button. The reason I do this is because it allows me to let the AI to pick a spell and that allows me to wait for the boss to do his spin attack. Once the boss does the spin attack I cast Purification. If I didn’t have afk mode on, auto-attack would happen before the boss attacked, however, letting the AI pick a spell will allow the boss to attack first and will also allow me to change the spell at the last moment if I need to. If all the members in the group begin to have low health points at the same time I use Blessed Light. Near the end of the fight you will need to use the runes. I used one healing rune, one rage rune, and one group regen rune. And that’s how I passed level 70 in the catacombs.
    I call to the best out there in server 8. Beat level 70 in the catacombs with a battle rating less than 15759. If you can do this I sure my guild master would love to have you as our newest member . The rules are as follows: you have to win level 70 with a 100 less battle rate then what I did it with. Second, no spamming the runes. Us non-cash players can’t do that. And last but not least, you have to tell us step by step how you did it.

  • DeathRiver
    Nice indeed, glad to see a good (if that's what I can call this) mage. All the things you said are practically possible and really logical. However, I still want to see a video though.
    Someone with 15k~ BR (well, a mage), winning against lvl70 Crypt's Eye is quite a sight to see.

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