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Tormented Necropolis lvl 26

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  • Tormented Necropolis lvl 26

    stuck here for a while now, does this boss have element attacks?
    Shadow Vale

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    which one was it? is it the white wolf?
    iirc it's either normal or wind. and the 29th (pharaoh mummy guy) is fire. 27, 28(demonic angel), 30 (dragon) are neutral.

    i could be wrong tho.
    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
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      yes its wolf
      Shadow Vale


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        when i did it was told it was your sylphs resistance

        i did stack electro and had a much easier time on 26 adn 30 with electro (the others werent much of a problem, so i dont know on them)
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        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
        but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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          ok thnx for advice
          Shadow Vale


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            Necro 26+ runs 1 of 2 systems (not certain which it is currently)
            Highest res matching active sylph/highest res in general

            Either way if you have one stat that's maxed out for example (90% damage reduce) you should be more than fine...

            With max electro resist I can afk mode 30 and even if he rages still survive 5-6 of those attacks

            26, and 28 are two of the fastest bosses iirc, so just try to keep it slowed down as much as possible (and double hit as much as possible too)


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              I was stuck on 26 for a few months too. I did eventually get him, though. I don't remember how, but I think it had something to do with my resistances at the time, I had them boosted heavily for one element for a time
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                26 and 28 are so fast that it's really hard to beat them since they rage up so soon. I couldn't get through until I picked up a mire rune, which let me stay herc'd up for the full time to get in the max damage. Archers and mages will have a hard time just keeping the slow on without a mire rune.
                Level 30 is a cakewalk by comparison, you can practically double hit the whole time even if he's not slowed.


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                  Who can tell me what kind of resist i need to kill 22-30 Boss Necro.


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                    the bosses in necro don't have elements; they all have their dmg reduced by your highest resistance