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  • Roses

    Now you are giving roses as a login reward its literally been 30 mins of non stop rose spam.
    there really needs to be an option to hide these effects or even better only the person receiving them sees any animation.

    tomorrow when more are on i can honestly say i am not looking forward to it.

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    +1,000,000 to this idea.
    In the last CSGB match, one of my friend's guild was leading until a bunch of their players got lagged out by non-stop rose spam. So it's not just an annoyance; at the very least, they need to never show those idiotic animations in battle zones (dungeons, BG, etc.)


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      Speaking of roses to raise charm and friendliness, it would be really nice if
      charm also increases troop count by 100 charm for 1% troop increase
      the same way "holy charm" astral increases troop count
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        I know its tempting to make new threads on a topic, but there are many threads already encompassing this issue.. one of which, right here, has a good several replies to it. Any chance we can try to keep all of this onto one thread? I'll give you cupcakes without snow or rose particles Thanks in advance for helping keep the forums a little more organized *double cookies*
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          this needs to be done immediately, rose effects are annoying and destroys the fun of gaming


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            Roses are beautiful and meant for friendship. For some people, and for the original (Chinese) game market, some might feel motivated to see their 30 seconds of fame in world chat (to me, that's quite ridiculous). I had suggested to ask everyone to send roses at a certain lesser-active time slots, let's say, the time between the last afternoon BG (15:30) and before the night arena (18:00). Fewer people are online or doing runs at those times and it creates less distraction this way. But it's all up to them to comply.