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  • Runes

    i was just wondering how many ppl use brut rune during wb. it seems that it uses up a turn to activate. so is it worth it to use it?

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    no I use chaos and amensia runes during WB. They do attack the WB for damage instead of brutality rune. Playing as a knight so I use to use brut to gain rage so I use more powerful skills.

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      Not losing a turn if you spam skills, at the start of fight activate afk mode and after the first skill your char uses start spamming the next skill, in this order you`ll have a hit in front always.
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        I know many who tend to use the brute rune when they are going up into their sylph.. to try to get that added power boost for the delphic. It becomes a case of speed, luck and personal preference. Some go other rune routes even as far as to employ bleed to try to make some extra added damage.. but at the end of the day it all depends no what is the best system for you. Me? I use brute only on the sylph swap turns.
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