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Now I have no idea what to do with my slippers either.

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  • Now I have no idea what to do with my slippers either.

    I've saved 140 glass slippers.

    If I trade them for divinity shards I can upgrade my Apollo to an Athena.

    The problem is my Apollo is my "old" sylph. I'm currently using a three-star Cerberus and I like that pet a whole lot more. The Apollo is one-star purple with 30K BR. The Cerberus is 75K.

    Both pets are perfectly skilled. I am unsure if there are really any specific Athena skills that give much bang for the buck. Can anyone advice me on that?

    My option is either to use the slippers and hope for coins and a mount or exchange them.

    What would you do?

  • Nightfish
    open all get coins as much as possible and enjoy best rewards (sylphs,mounts,clothing ...and many more)

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  • daunapu
    Why would you trade potentially higher rewards to upgrade a sylph you dont use much and that you will upgrade anyway sooner or later? If you are unsure about something always make a pros and cons list, i personally dont see anything of help in having an evolved apollo on this price.

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  • FufuBunnySlayer
    Save them a bit longer, exchange still has over a week left. Maybe there will be enough events to put you up to the magical 235.

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  • R262181389
    Athena would be good to use for sylph arena. Are there any other sylphs you have that you would want to evolve sooner or later?

    IMO, I think that divinity shards will become easier to get along with star sands, well at least I hope.

    Personally, I am not going to open either of these boxes. If I can avoid the luck stuff, I will.

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