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The BGs need fixing, they've died.

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    Bonus of spending money is winning. If the 600k+ were secluded to one BG, for example, then you turn a good number of the largest cashers into consistent losers. Not a good business strategy.

    Not to mention the fact that there are less higher BR players, etc. in which case either you're unable to populate BGs, or you defeat the purpose of your own suggestion and pull from the "lower BR BG pool".


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      Originally posted by R212396167 View Post
      I keep seeing people claiming that it would be somehow awful if BGs were matched by BR, but I'm not seeing why it would be such a disaster to no longer have 800K monsters up against 200K pipsqueaks.
      Besides the reasons already posted and all the threads that keep getting reposted about this, if everyone were similar br, people without vip would have a higher chance at losing 400 honor because a fight could go either way. Lose once and you lose the honor you would've gotten from multiple kills. At least now, the stronger players can farm honor easily.

      A camper complained about me not fighting people my br/lvl, but they were farming low brs and suiciding higher brs while hiding behind their vip 9. Without that, they wouldn't be doing so great.
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        they could possibly set up a choice of bg's with varying honor reward levels per kill (ex. 50/100/200), kind of like the different lvls in tok. might even things out a little.


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          I enjoyed the game more when battlegrounds were not cross realm. You only had to fight people that started at the same time as you.

          Hell, I wouldn't mind cross realm battlegrounds if they only included worlds that were made at a similar time.

          The way it is now is just stupid. It's a short sighted approach that is ultimately going to drive players away. It's true that feeding their biggest cashers is a wise move, but when those bigger cashers have no one left to farm, and all of the non-cashers have quit because of how one sided the game has become, those big cashers they're feeding aren't going to be so special when the only people left are the same size as them.

          I myself am a heavy casher. I was considering starting to play again and dropping 2000$ on 200,000 balen at the beginning since I have 18 months of free time coming up. But I have to say, this battleground situation disgusts me, and even though I would probably be fine, other people that play and don't cash as much as me, my friends, my lady, it would be horrible for them. So while R2 is gaining money in some ways, they're also losing a lot of money, and a lot of new blood.
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