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  • Magic pot Share

    Share how many u open and what item u get guys

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    Well since people have a ton of free hammers from cloud event, my guess is they reduce the chances of decent drops...


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      One guy 6 pots got mount I use few trillion on few alts not even a good reward all daru gold and lame sylph pcs which ive sold over 10k of.


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        Originally posted by R237263382 View Post
        Well since people have a ton of free hammers from cloud event, my guess is they reduce the chances of decent drops...
        this..... just this......


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          60 hammers
          2mil daru
          500k kya
          70mil gold
          2 hammer 10 stove
          1 core 1 charm
          an some sylph equip ****
          le fudge factory.


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            From 22 pots I got gold, daru, kyanite and sylph equipment shards i'll sell for gold.


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              Yeah out of 47 hammers i got nothing too. Mostly 420 of the mysterious gold chests 100k-1000k gold. That is actually a decent amount of gold, not sure what to spend it on, maybe astrals...


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                65 hammers

                1,4mil daru
                450k kya
                55mil gold
                2 hammer
                15 stove
                1 charm
                150 res crystal shard
                1 clother weapon
                140 sylp gear shard?
                Im segimoto aka versi69 , you can find me easy on Kongregate site if you need advice or tips about game feel free to pm there

                Class: Knight
                Level: 80
                Battle Rating: 2.200.000+
                Dragon Sword Master
                Server: kongregate s6
                Guild: NiceAstral->Haven->GoodGuys->Seraphim->WolfReih

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                  I got lots of gold and nothing special.


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                    Hmmm let's see......

                    73 hammers:

                    630 Lucky Gold pack
                    480 Kyanite Pack
                    1950 Lv. 1 Daru Pearl
                    5 Valentines Day Chest (Guess what I got from them )
                    2 Divinity Shard
                    30 Will Crystal Shard
                    170 Sylph Equipment Shards
                    and 1 Fashion Core

                    I think that's all, I want all my gold to burn into my astrals but sadly, just thinking of the countless and mindless clicking horrifies me therefore I'll probably donate most of them to the guild to buy lvl 70/80 materials, I just wish that they'd increase or remove the daily cap in buying equipment materials from Guild Shop (lvl 73 btw and still wearing lvl 60 leg gear except for brooch and i'm not planning to make it legendary anymore, and i'll probably skip/don't use/enchant lvl 70 to save some resources)

                    Hmmm i'm not mad , complaining nor upset because knowing my luck and of r2's definition of luck, i'll probably don't get any or at least one of the decent rewards. And besides, the insane amount of gold chests I got and some Sylph Equipment Shards that I'll sell will help me in buying those expensive Equipment materials from guild shop or from converting gems.

                    If you ask me if those magic dices from C.A. is worth it, then I say yes, most of the time I get some bb in return.
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                      75 hammers

                      110 mil gold
                      4 mil daru
                      200k kyanite
                      sylph equip shards
                      2 GL charms
                      15 will crystal shards
                      5 valentine chests
                      Live the dream.
                      IGN: AncientEvil
                      Server: EU-271+merged
                      Class: Archer
                      Getting less Evil and more Ancient every day.


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                        70 Hammers

                        100 mil gold
                        4 mil daru
                        200k kyanite
                        sylph equip shards
                        4 GL charms

                        Doesn't entice me to spend on the event...drop rate too stingy


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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	magic pot.jpg
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ID:	1708351
                          Server:[S901] NASA / Class: Chicken / Guild: Barn / Lvl.82 / Br: Almost Infinity / Title: Cupcake Warrior / Sylph: 7-star black Volvo


                          • #14
                            3 accounts 130 hammers total and I got...

                            1 clothing
                            168 million gold
                            4 mill Daru
                            300k kyanite
                            1 fashion core
                            1 luck charm
                            And sylph equipment shards
                            Precision----S3 Worgs Lair

                            s371 Harmony


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                              26 Hammers and I got lucky to get an Arctic Fox

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Arctic Fox.png
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Size:	171.6 KB
ID:	1708366
                              Name: Yumi - 4.3M BR
                              Server: S187 Fel Reach
                              Guild: Ragnarok

                              Non-VIP & Non-Balen User