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  • How times have changed...

    Now.. i know i may not be the forums favorite poster.. or perhaps i was flagged for 1 incident .. who knows.. but hopefully some of yall hear me out.. please excuse punctuation

    when i started this game i was a late bloomer on a new server, almost a year and a half ago. (S39) i rushed to 50, capped my talents and around lv 53 i learned ''camping'' ....

    camped 59 for 5-6 months and misclicked a quest forcing me to level up (rollover). ignoring all the xp i was short on HS compared to most players... so i try the new Sky Trail thats introduced.. gain some talent levels and then xp is cut forcing rollovers.. and capping talents..

    (theres a point to this bear with me)

    i spent about a year playing this game with new features opening up (around my level) each time.. i found it rather amusing.. its what kept me around... ''new n shiny''... my friend decided to try the game simply because i was so devoted to this game (was curious) and ended up liking it... they joined my server....... (i had hoped i could have helped but... it was merely too late).. so they decided to try out a new server... i followed.. (i shouldnt have to explain why) and i have experienced something i wasnt really ready to see....

    within 2...3 months maybe.....all the new ''level up'' quests are done.. and most people are in the 40's 50's and very few in 60's.. 1.. maybe 2 ppl pushin 100k br and they are ''top on server'' (its not hard to tell that it IS cash).

    where is the fun for anyone new?

    we get 3 months....

    and then you throw the same whips event at a fresh server as u would a seasoned server ready for the event...

    what is anyone new to the game going to do with mount refine material??? they need to be 70 to use it.. and to be able to build a character with a play style we can enjoy, we need to build our br to suit our bracket. what is a level 34.. 40....44.....55....68........ going to do with an item given from an event.. they cannot use...... also.. when i started this game the whips events had a diminishing gain type style to the events.. making whips actually last a bit longer.. now we need 50 and we get zero back.. for anyone new.. that is a completely different start to playing a game.. its like.. entering a shark tank from the bottom.

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    Agreed. But mount whips are o believe lv 30now might be mistaken. And be lv 40ish.

    But event wise i agree we should get a return back like we use to. X5 per x50 used isnt a lot but helped stock up for gems and sc event
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