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  • returned to game

    Hello all,

    looking for some help/suggestions. I have recently returned to the game after 6 months and working on class advancement. I play the archer class, the new(for me) astral with PAtt and penetration is a no brianer, for the 10th astral once you can get it. best to have say a block or the Matt/Penetration one? If there already is a guild if you can point me to where that is or let me know some suggestions.
    Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends....

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    Matk astrals are useless for archer. unlike what some people believe, it wont make your matk sylph attack/awaken stronger.

    imo better go for % astrals first. determination, goddess blessing, regeneration, deflection, and illusion are way more useful than raw stats astrals on end levels
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