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  • Bg System

    hey there... ill make it short for u r2staff (a, im lazy, b, im lazy xD).
    please make a bg where EVERYONE needs to participate in, afk or not, they can choose!!
    this system is just HORRIBLE! im noncash with much staff maxed out at 270k br... and bg is full of 600k's..........................
    coz they all spend.... my suggestion is: put in one of those 2 systems: noncash bg or bg where EVERYONE afk or not needs to be in!
    The colors, The grey
    The fire, The smoke,
    The lights, The dark
    To speak or to choke
    The words, That hurts
    The truth, The lies
    The wishpers, the noise
    Its blinding Your eyes.

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    or make better rewards for winning and losing team
    IGN: igors0698
    Class: mage
    Level: 59
    BR: 118k+
    Server: R2games 391