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Question Regarding New Server Legendary Exchange Event

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  • Question Regarding New Server Legendary Exchange Event

    During the event I've posted below, it says you need to exchange pieces of the level 40 EPIC set for pieces of the level 50 legendary set.

    Does that mean that if you upgrade your level 40 set from epic to legendary, that you will no longer be able to trade it in for a 50 legendary set, or can you still trade it in even if you upgrade your 40 set from epic to legendary?

    If you can't trade in the 40 legendary set because you've upgraded it, is it worth it to even upgrade it in the first place?

    Thank you.

    Activity 9: Lvl. 40 Epic Set Exchange

    Duration: Ends at 23:59 (Server Time), 15 - 28 days after the server is released.

    Description: Exchange pieces of Lvl. 40 Epic Set for pieces of Lvl. 50 Legendary Set.

    Rewards:•Lvl. 40 Helmet x1, Glint of Enchantment x5 for: Lvl. 50 Helmet
    •Lvl. 40 Necklace x1, Glint of Enchantment x5 for: Lvl. 50 Necklace
    •Lvl. 40 Armor x1, Glint of Enchantment x5 for: Lvl. 50 Armor
    •Lvl. 40 Weapon x1, Glint of Enchantment x5 for: Lvl. 50 Weapon

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    You can not exchange it if you have made it legendary. Personally I never made my lvl40 gear (equipment) legendary in the years I have played, and that has been many. I just use lvl40 gear and then go to lvl50 and make that legendary. Now since they have lvl40 for lvl50 there is no reason at all to make lvl40 legendary and people who have done so are now making all lvl40 equipment over again so they can exchange for lvl50.


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      Thanks for the response, that really cleared some stuff up.

      One other question for you if you're still around the forum though. When you trade in the level 40 epic pieces for the level 50 legendary pieces, are the level 50 pieces you receive already legendary, like you don't need to use the legendary stones to upgrade them anymore?

      Also, I guess that makes all the level 40 legendary stones you find completely useless.

      Is there any other way to get the armor crafting pieces like "dismal weapon" other than buying them in the catacombs?