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Chinese New Year Chest is a NIGHTMARE!

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  • Chinese New Year Chest is a NIGHTMARE!

    In the beginning, it was the Pumpkin Carriage alone...

    ... then the Glass Slipper appeared. Not used to it but... Yeah, I mean, OK.

    Then Cinderella thought it was a good thing to go and visit China - because Cinderella and the Chinese New Year fit so well together - and the Chinese Papercut was born...

    ... and now we get a Lucky Rabbit too, because 3 event items from the same chest are not enough apparently. Fine.

    Anything else?

    What the cupcake is going on?

  • #2
    they think we'll spend even more money to buy the new chest that's all
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    • #3
      It just means you need a fairy godmother/rich prince/chinese overlord/lucky rabbit to get a thing from the event.


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        The new event chests are kinda like nesting Russian dolls and i don't like them either. No like no buy.


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          You need to buy 800 to get a mount (32000 balens).

          A purple sylph equipment upgrade (100 blessing of god) cost "only" 126 chests, ie. 126 x 4 x 39 = 19656 balens.

          But the most expensive deal in Wartune's history is the legendary sylph equip upgrade, which is gonna cost 59000 balens, if anyone choose to buy chests to be able to trade for gifts of god
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            Originally posted by Myria973 View Post
            they think we'll spend even more money to buy the new chest that's all
            If anything such events will act as a deterent for those smart enough to not buy into this blatant cash grab.