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cross server guild battle

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  • cross server guild battle

    move the damn thing from sunday to saturday,or just don't
    have it so late in the afternoon.would have loved to join in
    and have a chance to collect the mount that was one of the
    choices,but working first shift means that staying up late
    enough to join my guild in the csgb is not an option.why
    don't you people think about those of us with jobs that have
    the money you want for a change,schedule the battle so
    we can get in on it.

    the main reason i refuse to put anything on this game
    right now,no point if i can't get in on any of these events
    because of your poor timing for them.

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    you know sunday is in general a "rest"day? meaning most ppl dont work on sunday, unless you're from a completly different timezone where its either monday or saturday whatever. but in that case you cant really complain than right? as there should be better servers for you.

    main point is that i dont get why they decided to let csgb start half an hour later than regular gb. makes no sense.

    also you should get the mount from the ranking rewards so dont worry about that