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Slyph Atoll

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  • KiraDeeper
    started a topic Slyph Atoll

    Slyph Atoll

    Peeked at another person's toon while in atoll. Noticed 2 things I didn't before.
    1. Attack other player option
    2. Invite to party option

    I can see the invite option for the Bosses, but can you use it against normal slyphs? And if so, how does it reward the players?

    As for the Attack... I wasn't stupid enough to try it against a lvl 80 peep. heh.

  • GM_Magik
    The atoll is one of the few in game player versus player areas. So attacking is allowed, much like in the alters for dueling or in the second level of the Amethyst mine, and the wilds. You can not get help for solo single sylph fights, the only option for party is the atoll bosses. When you lose as MrFancyPants said you will be sent back to the proverbial square one.. I have seen people provoke these fights during the boss to annoy parties, but really it is done a lot less then it used to be. Good luck with your atoll questing

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  • MrFancyPants
    You've always been able to attack people in the atoll. It doesn't do anything but kick the loser out of the atoll though, so there's really no reason to do it. When it first started, there was a rumor that you could steal sylph essence by attacking, but it didn't turn out to be true. And almost no one cares about essence any more anyway.

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  • xPlutox
    no you cant for the normal sylphs

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