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    I'm posting this more as an fyi. I have a couple female friends that play on our server. Daily they are sent very rude and insulting msgs by one player . Screen shots have been taken and multiple complaints submitted. This troll does nothing but try to upset, demean, and threaten people in the game. So a response was finally given to the complaints....... the solution to this trash of a player? Ignore him. Completely worthless.

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    File a ticket and let the r2 staff deal with him
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      Unfortunately, the R2 Staff doesn't do a whole lot.

      One guy on my server, when he learned my son is Autistic, decided it would be "funny" to make fun of him and eventually insinuate that I molested him. I captured all the exchanges - which were in world chat - and submitted them. Many of my guild-mates did the same in defense of me.

      He got hit with a silence ban for a whopping 24 hours. That's all. And he picked back up where he left off when the ban ended. Fortunately, he kind of became odd-man out on the server and no guild would take him in after that, and I kind of got even with him by griefing the hell out of him in the Sylph Atoll. He doesn't really bother me anymore. But in no part thanks to R2 support.


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        Give a ticket number or numbers to a forum moderator and then probably give someone a poke to look at it. I know there are few people that like to cause trouble on our server and generally are quite rude to each other in world and current chat and not a lot gets them to kick off.

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          first world problems
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