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Which Sylph skills are useful?

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    Sorry for kinda hijacking this thread but I also have some spare skills and was wondering if anyone is using them:

    Neptune's Blessing
    Master of Water
    Master of Light
    Beam Sword
    Light Arrow

    Since I am interested in sylph setups regardless of free chests I'd be interested what you think are must have/useful/junk skills for the 6 sylphs in general.


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      Originally posted by MrFancyPants View Post
      neptune blessing - junk
      aquilon's blessing - OK, but not one I'd normally choose - whispering wind is the better choice for most
      master of wind - I'd prefer spirit of wind, but it's a personal preference
      airy guardian - junk
      spirit of wind - see above
      breeze blade - good if you want to try for a replacement skill, same with aquilon's lament, but breeze blade has the short cd to fill in for gust strike
      spirit well - pretty worthless, but currently maybe better than master of water, since the stun works so rarely now
      illumination - I wouldn't
      ice armour - a useful skill, but there are a lot of useful skills for a triton; comes down to how you will use it
      heavenly body - no

      Rain dance is obviously the top priority for triton, but the 5th skill has a lot of possible options, all of which have their advantages. Ice shield and ice armor are both good for certain situations, and even tsunami has its uses. Ice bolt is the strongest attack it has, so that's also worth looking at.

      Medusa needs steal, no question. I might try to get this config on my second one: delphic, steal, whispering wind, aquilon's lament, breeze blade.

      Athena is one you wouldn't want to replace any of the default skills, but it's a little short of good skills for the other slots. Divine prayer is a definite, then I don't really know for the 5th. I'd avoid helios blessing.
      Great advice guys
      Need a bit more advice.. The skills I mentioned are ones I got from the sylph skill chests.. So I want to sell the ones I will not equip.. It seems that I can safely sell neptune blessing, airy guardian, master of wind, and spirit well.. I should probably keep the breeze blade and ice armour.. as for the light skills I'll wait till i get athena in next exchange before selling heavenly body or illumination.. Please correct me i am wrong..

      And yes I got rain dance from the chests too.. equipped it already


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        for light sylph i would choose:
        active skills: Delphic, DivinePrayer, ShiningStrike, Ray. As fifth skill HeavenlyBody, because you will use light sylph in pvp fights, and skills casted on "yourself" aren't affected by chaos. Light sylph has others skills for "yourself", but HeavenlyBody doesn't consume 500 aw.points, so it's the best in my opinion.
        passive skills: RedeemingLight, MasterOfLight, keep an empty space for future skills

        for water sylph:
        active skills: RainDance, Delphic, IceBolt. Choose 2 skills between: DelugeStrike, WarmSpring or IceShield. It's better upgrade a puri rune and equip it when you need, than have an IceArmor skill which you can't unequip. Tsunami is very bad.
        passive skills: MasterOfWater. If you will use this sylph only as troop/support in classwars or sylpharena, keep 2 empty spaces. If you will use this sylph on yourself, Water'sHeart is good, but keep an empty space for future passive skills.

        From China, future passive skills: you will need an orange sylph and evolve it for a second time, to learn them. We can expect this patch in about 3 months.
        - reduce damage from electro by 20% <- very good
        - reduce damage from fire by 20% <- useless
        - reduce damage from wind by 20% <- useless
        - reduce damage from water by 20% <- useless
        - chance to gain 300 aw.points after an attack <- very good
        - chance to steal 150 aw.points after an attack <- good
        - reduce damage from dark by 20%, reduce all damage by 10% <- very good, but only dark sylph can learn it
        - reduce damage from light by 20%, reduce all damage by 10% <- very good, but only light sylph can learn it