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Magic Pot - no t that magical anymore?

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  • Magic Pot - no t that magical anymore?

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone managed to get anything nice from the Pot now that Hammers are far more common via CA? If so, what did you get?

  • #2
    Last time they had it, I got a piece of clothing. This time nothing but gold, daru, kyanite and shards.


    • #3
      I know a couple of people who got the fox, but most everyone else just got the regular daru, gold, kyanite, and sylph shards.


      • #4
        I hope they remove the sylph shards from things other then sylph arena very fast.


        • #5
          I got the mount last time with hammers, and at least 1 in my guild did this time around


          • #6
            i had 40 hammers from cloud adventures and all i got was gold, kyanite, crystal shards and **** in general


            • #7
              Sylph shards are worth 5k gold apiece and build up fast. I use these as a bank for when I need fast cash.


              • #8
                my girl had like 80 hammers and i had 51 i got the fox she got nothing

                MysterA uhhh 1.3 mil br
                Slyph orange Hecate 136k br


                • #9
                  Originally posted by pietjeprecies View Post
                  I hope they remove the sylph shards from things other then sylph arena very fast.
                  got all my sylphs full set already and sold like 6k of them (nice gold income )
                  R2 s116 Red Realm + (s113-s119) + (s126-s129-s132-s135) + (s72-s75-s78-s84-s88-s91)

                  IGN : Illyasviel
                  Class : Archer
                  Guild : •OneŽ•
                  LvL : 80
                  Sylph : Zeus, Hecate, Poseidon
                  BR : over 9000!!!


                  • #10
                    Gold and daru only. Got like 110 gold chests which is nice for clothing ID events, but it would be nice to throw me a bone once in a blue moon. Bad luck I guess.