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Which pack to buy

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  • Which pack to buy

    Hi, am looking for advice on which pack to buy

    the ones I am looking at are:-

    1. Divinity Soul Pack cost 999 Balens
    Contains Lvl 1 Divinity Souls x 10 and Golden Holy Water x 10

    2.Sylph BR upgrade Pack 1 cost 999 Balens
    Contains Lvl 1 Divinity Souls x 10 and Golden Holy Water x 20

    I am tempted to get first pack, it seems like good value

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    Unless I am absolutely reading this wrong, they are both the same price and giving the same amount of divinity souls.. in which case I'd get the second option as it is giving more holy waters.. but whichever pack you buy, It will surely help you a lot with the divinity souls.. so good luck and here's a thumbs up to getting more powerful. Remember though if you convert the divinity souls.. matk pets use matk souls and patk pets use patk souls
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      Noone of those pack are worth it, those are balens gone on trash.


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        im honestly confused

        is this sarcasm or not?

        i know the mentor is absolutely serious
        because they take everything too seriously
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        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
        but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente