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  • battlegrounds

    why cant battle grounds be linked too the honour band you are in once you hit lvl 80 (not before lvl cap)? i know the obvious answer is the monsters in the game love nothing more than going into a battle ground and dominating it without having to worry about someone of similar strength being there and beating them! but since theres no other way to get soul seals it may encourage more ppl to enjoy the battlegrounds.

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    By honor band? I can see that might work, but I doubt it's going to be as helpful as you think. There will still be mega cashers in low honor bands, because they're relatively new, and it's eaasier to buy BR than honor (at least until recently). It also means less honor gain for dryad bombing. And low- and non-cashers with high honor will get shafted because there won't be any newer, weaker players in their BGs. And non-VIP will have a much higher likelihood of getting dinged for max honor loss.

    So all in all, I think this would end up being worse for the people you probably want to help. It is a fair point that there's not much to entice players into SFT, though, so I wish they would come up with something for that.


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      I can see what he is saying.. I know people who are level 80 and have insanely low honour because they blasted their way up without giving it a lot of thought until too late. Then we have the campers who camped as long as they could to get as high as they could... it would wind up, I think, being as imbalanced as it is now I am sad to say.
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        thanks for the feedback hadnt thought of those points ...thanks again