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Wheel of Prosperity so rigged

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  • Wheel of Prosperity so rigged

    It's funny how this games Wheel of Prosperity is rigged so you don't win anything. They have it set up to where it will only land on sylph equipment shard 99% of the time. Get bent R2!

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    chinese wheel are rigged, it's "normal" for them (not joking)
    look at vip wheel and you will see, just by looking at the wheel, you know what item you will get.
    would be great if they would let us know the % of drop luck of each item, but i doubt it will ever be added.
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      Small tip: Always wait for a guarantee shop item (like the current Iron Cart mount or chopper in CW). Spending money on gambles like this tend to not work in your favor.
      I need a hammer to whack the BG nutcases.


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        same with magic pot - for free hammers, chance to get something usefull is close to 0 opened near 100 free hammers and get only Gold/Kyanite/Daru and couple sylph eq.shards(soon will not know where to put them) no sepulcrums or eaven mahras
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