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Jewel hunt

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  • Kaajinsh
    started a topic Jewel hunt

    Jewel hunt

    Hi... i have question to all, who may know something... Is there posible to get all points from dropping jewels, after you make a move? just last days im counting - i make move - like 4 gems - 20 points - its instantly give me 80 (cuz dropping ones counting) but when im counting the instant drop - there is more... gor 3x for 5 gems dropped, couple 3 - so there i needed to get more then 150 points, but i get only half... is there way to get all dropped jewels counting?

    Tnx for answers

  • Fherlayt
    Here is a detailed guide about jewel hunt:

    And yes, all removed gems give points, but see the method in the article.

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