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Buy Engagement Rings With Bound Balens

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  • Buy Engagement Rings With Bound Balens

    All right, so i'm a f2p and don't want to have to recharge balens, but i would like to have the option to marry. I think that engagement rings should be made available with bound balens, even if it was twice as expensive with bound balens i would still go for it. Rings are an item, and items are typically available for bound balens. I think that marriage should be made available for f2p players and would understand if they charged say 2000 bound balens for a ring. Please comment.

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    it would be pointless because after getting an engagement ring, you must pay again with unbound balens to have a wedding ceremony.
    now if we can make both of them can be paid with bound balens, that would be a nice idea.
    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
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      Yeah, that would be nice. It would require a lot of saving but would be worthwhile if you have someone you do all your stuff with.