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  • Talent

    Hi :

    i was planning to max up talent after getting lvl 10 master . like when u reach lvl 80 u can still receive exp even lvl maxed . i was shocked that i cant receive exp anymore and cant lvl up talent .. so what should i do now ? cant take back exp again too . i want to max my talent

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    Can you better explain the issue? Are you class advanced and having problems? Are you a lower level and having problems? Can you provide a screen shot so we can see whats going on so we can help you?
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      this is the photo Click image for larger version

Name:	talent.jpg
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Size:	509.7 KB
ID:	1709157 i think this is simple


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        check the exp required above your blue boxed upgrade button (it's red)
        you see the exp you have and above the exp required to upgrade

        exp bar wont go to 0 cz you maxed the exp of class adv to level up, but you still receive exp.


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          ohhh ty . i need 56m to lvl talent up . i thought i have 71m . its 7m only . my bad . hehehe