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Battleground level 80

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  • Battleground level 80

    The r2games should urgently consider a division of level 80+ Battleground in Battle Rating tracks, as 0-120k, 100k-170k, 150k-220k, 200k-270k, 250k-320k or something like that, because the Battleground level 80+ right now is only for cashers with 400k + of battle rating and the game coming with the new medallion craft and soul seal, greatly increased the need for the Battleground.

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    100% aproved!


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      I agree, I have stopped doing battleground since I always get battlegrounds with level 70-80 players and I am only level 65. There is no way to win most of the time so why go, a lot will not even let someone get a cart or even get out of the spawn.
      I am not the only person who has quit doing battlegrounds either. It is clearly unfair.


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        lv up to 70 and join bg, there's just 150-250k most of ppl join, only casher who have 320kbr++ and just few at those bg
        Server - 389

        Class - Knight

        Lv - 80

        BR 2,59Mil - (Include Kids and 2 Slyphs)