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People stuck with spouses who left the game (help)

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  • People stuck with spouses who left the game (help)


    I know that Divorce cost you 4K balens.
    But what to do iff youre spouse left the game?
    Can you get a free divorce so you can remarry someone else.
    Or do you still really have to pay twice to Remarry.
    Thats really getting a pain.

    On our server there are a lot people marry'd and not wanna Remarry.
    1 because they can't affort it.
    2 they dont wanna pay for the divorce.
    Isn't there anyway around this?



  • #2
    im sorry theres not just make sure ur spouse wont quit he game before you marry lol its costed me 12k balen total for wedding divorce then another wedding lol no way around this wish divorce as cheaper tho as we already paid 4-8k balen to wedding paying to 'remove' the ring and stuff is kinda nuts never getting married again even if my spouse atm would quit (wich i hope not)


    • #3
      lol i know, didn't thought that guy would quit. but real life circumstances made him have to quit.
      Just to bad i cant play for his account for some stuff.
      Dont miss a lot anyway, but what iff in the future we really need to be a couple?
      Would be nice iff there's a way around this, it can demotivate more people to stay playing the game.
      In some sences.

      I'm open to remarry, but i'm against paying balens for an divorce with someone who quited the game.
      Especially when it happens more often, at least let us pay bb for divorce i wouldn't mind that either.


      • #4
        They should offer free divorce for vip9 =D


        • #5
          Well there should be like a prenup option before getting married.
          Like paying divorce fee in advance should be included in wedding fee (but can still split the costs).
          Then when they quit or not active for a month, automatic divorce.

          For now at least before your spouse leave, try get them to divorce.
          The one leaving the game should be the one to pay divorce.
          Temple of Ibalize


          • #6
            hehehe good luck ^ i wish


            • #7
              The whole idea to pay for divorce is ridiculous. You have already paid to get married, you want to pay AGAIN to marry for another, but cant before paying more. System tracks when you last logged, if your spouse havent logged for lets say a month, you should have the option to divorce for free.


              • #8
                To my knowledge, there is no free divorce or transfer of marriage ring buffs in Chinese version yet, so we probably won't have it in the near future. So basically you have to pay for divorce and wedding again in order to remarry someone else.

                To me, the real pain is not just the 4k balens for divorce or 15k balens for another wedding, but all the ring upgrades and buffs gone after divorce. I married someone and upgraded the ring to lvl4 in August last year, but he left game less than 2 months later. He was nice and paid for the divorce, but the buffs I got from the previous marriage was not transferred to the new one. My ring level started at 3 again, and all the previously built satisfaction levels were also all gone. I thought they should transfer, but they didn't. I was so mad that I didn't pay to upgrade the ring again, so my new spouse was unhappy for quite some while. Now, 5 months later, I upgraded the ring to lvl4 again, but did the upgrade for free, and have no plan to upgrade it any further.